I don’t know about you, but I’ve about had it with the doom and gloom that Covid has gifted us, and I’m more than ready to move on despite the escalation of the pandemic. So, if you’re ready for some great news, I have some for you! GOOD NEWS #1     Bristol Bay, Alaska        For those who are environmentally aware - or involved - or interested, hang on to your hats. The Army Corps of Engineers has at long last  denied the application for a permit to operate the Pebble Mine, saving the pristine Bristol Bay of Alaska  which may well have been devastated had the permit been approved and the project become operational.   Earlier in 2020 the Corps denied the project as it was then  planned and required a new mitigation plan. Most opponents to the dam quietly worried that the Corps might buckle to the big money group wanting to create an open pit copper-magnesium mine. Most locals were gravely concerned about the impact of such a disastrous enterprise on the salmon run in the area, the wor

What's in YOUR Water

                                                                                                       "Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink"                                                 5.    Fresh Water Has Problems Too   While cleaning the oceans of debris is a major challenge and task, it’s not the only task on which survival depends. And frankly, cleaning up the oceans cannot be accomplished without stopping the fresh water pollution that is the primary cause of ocean pollution. Some say that as much as 70 to 80 percent of the ocean’s pollutants comes from rivers and streams. It’s quite easy to conclude that fresh water pollution is as serious as ocean pollution when one considers that the drinking water of about 244 million Americans is compromised and potentially unsafe to drink. That number represents nearly 2/3 of the American population. Much of the contamination happened in previous years (although it seems likely that there’s still some occurri

It's not Too Late to Avoid Another Catastrophe, But Time is Running Out

  2020 will no doubt be a year that no one will forget. Will we want to forget? YES. The pandemic has jerked people around endlessly: Masks, no masks, advice to get outside, advice to hunker down, close schools, open schools, close schools. *The weather in 2020, particularly in hurricane country, has served up fear and excitement...rather like a horror movie might. *Riots and protests: democracy at work or terrorism in play? *Unemployment and evictions have abounded. *The stock market has offered its thrills and chills. *And, of course, the election has been a nightmare for everyone regardless of who wins. The election may last longer than the pandemic! When the pandemic was first declared, we at Moonlight Mesa expected an onslaught of book orders. After all, we reasoned, people were being confined at home (hunkering down in place I think they called it) and would tire of daytime television in short order. Wrong. Spring book orders languished horribly